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How can the fundamental act of ownership redefine the fashion industry? Future Fusion is a Presentation Film by iNDiViDUALS Generation 31, which immerses the industry into the topic of rethinking ownership for a progressively sustainable future. The current relationship between industry and consumer has resulted in a fast-paced and continuous stream of overproduction. As a result, ownership has been devalued dramatically as we have become used to owning a huge mass of meaningless material goods. By breaking down the traditional perception of owning fashion is open to complete innovation.



Our point of departure, phase 1,  is the physical looks. One’s point of view is tainted by the lens they look through. This is a metaphor we’ve brought to life using anaglyphs - a form of colour illusion and a tool we’ve used to demonstrate perspective transformation. From this point, we begin rethinking ownership for the future.



Here we see metamorphosis in action as technology mimics our spectacular world. These tangible garments are now reflected virtually, as a seamless collection of pixels. 

The digital twins reflect the design possibilities of our physical reality and provide the opportunity to elevate traditional design methods.


“Rethink the way you create, digital fashion is opening a door to a world where the possibilities of creation are endless.”
Marjolijn Bertens, 3D Brander


Digital design gives access to opportunities that simply remain out of reach in the real world. With this advancement, we unlock endless identity creation; buildable designs that bring transcendence to the world of fashion.  Our representation of this comes in the form of 8 more unique digital designs.

“An NFT is the digital version of the plastic-wrapped sneaker that sits with pride on the shelf.”
Alice Simpson, Copywriter


Our next and final phase reveals intangible ownership in its most modern form - the NFT. Our handcrafted physical garments from the first phase have soared to reach This refreshed point of realisation. Design elements from each of our 8 physical designs come together in one completely unique digital artwork.

Four Phases, One Boundary, and a Letter to the Future

Dear future fashion pioneer…


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