Four Phases, One Boundary & Our Letter to the Future

Dear future fashion pioneer,

After months of brain picking, imagination and faith, Generation 31 entrusts you with our last message. Please keep it close at hand as we excel into the future of the industry. Where we stand right now there are four phases before us but one boundary to rise above. With your help on our journey, we aspire to reach beyond the grounding limits of the physical world. We move forward by freeing ourselves from the given and letting imagination blossom. To do so we merge the future-forward ideas of 26 innovative minds and inspire many more to come.

All of this begins with the fusion of the physical fashion world and the intangible possibilities of digital design. With this, we can form a future of endless identity. You too can embark on this elevation of creative existence from ground to sky. Allow yourself to dream limitlessly. To make this happen Generation 31 uses colour illusion as the vehicle; the boldness of blue and racing red will take you places fashion has never done before. Don't be afraid to question perspective: do you see what I see? Can I see what you see? Are you ready?



To execute this transformation most effectively we guide you to push the boundary in phases. In phase one we frame existing and tangible reality as the starting point of our ascent. Generation 31’s representation of this phase comes in the form of a carefully constructed physical collection. This collection references the state of hypnosis, a state in which the boundary begins to shift - captivating anyone who may have a glimpse at it. Here starts the subliminal imposition of our message. The crafting process of each piece started with a bold belief in possibility - the possibility to stimulate a sense of super-awareness. As a result, eight tactile garments surround the human body while also providing the foundation to tease your mind with illusionary fabrics. This starting phase has shown you perspective transformation in action, but are you curious about what is there to come?



We have arrived at phase two - metamorphosis. Here we see technology mimic our spectacular world. These tangible garments we have become so familiar with are now reflected virtually as a twinkling collection of pixels. The digital twins of our creations bring the possibilities of our world into the one that holds even more. We have arrived here as we rethink and break down the traditional, offering ourselves and you a sense of fashion innovation where imagination can go far beyond boundaries. The designer's precious needle and thread is replaced by Clo and Blender. Avatars are the new models, models that cannot be put into any box and can shapeshift at the tap of a touchpad. Just imagine where we can go from here…



Transcendence has arrived, let go of the last strings holding you to the world as you know it. Here two universes are blended and fashion design reaches a level that seemed so far out of reach just a few years ago. The digital world craves to be intertwined with our existence. This third phase takes the digital reflection of our garments and shines it back at us with seamless perfection. Augmented reality allows us to see our originally tangible garments in full glory through the portal of our smartphone camera as if they were really floating before our eyes. The AR display of our garments delivers you to the hybrid world, which will shape our fused fashion future. Step into this “phygital” reality and witness our eight never before seen unique digital designs with our very own AR filter. Now you have seen what can be done, where do you want to go from here?



Far above the horizon we first looked upon, we meet the ultimate renewal of owning fashion pieces: NFT’s. Non-Fungible Tokens have incomparable value - they cannot be exchanged for another thing of equal merit, because there is no such thing. Our handcrafted physical garments that formed the foundation phase have soared to reach this revolutionised point of realisation. Design elements from each of these garments come together to form one completely unique digital artwork. Our efforts with this were not just to participate in the current craze but to lead as an example in the underexplored area of responsible NFT production. We demonstrate how small businesses and educational institutions can set standards for an industry that currently lacks sustainable knowledge but has the potential to reduce unnecessary production massively. Owning less physically does not mean owning less value. The possession of this ultimate fashion innovation allows you to show off your newest purchase to the whole world with unmatched credibility.


Take a moment to take this all in. How do you feel after this fast-paced projection into the future? You may be a bit dizzy but the view from here is beyond comparison. You now have the freedom to investigate what you can do with any or all of these phases. It’s time to experience the unforeseen possibilities of fashion and release your mind from limiting constraints. The tools are closer than you think. Generation 31 feels charged; fuelled by the accomplishments we first considered completely out of reach. This is only the beginning of our fused fashion future. We now pass the hybrid workspace on to you, bringing our soaring ascent to an even higher level. Our advice: looking through a daringly coloured lens always helps.

Good luck and safe travels,

iNDiViDUALS’ Generation 31

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