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Your bucket hat is constructed out of a minimal waste pattern. The number on your bucket hat shows that piece you own is one of a small limited edition of 50 pieces.


iNDiViDUALS want to be a blueprint for the industry not only when it comes to social and environmental responsibility but also completely transparent towards you. Sharing is a way to create an open and transparent industry. That is why we are sharing all the information about the production of your bucket hat - even the things that went wrong. 


The production order turned out differently as we expected. In an effort to be as transparent as possible the following text is to inform and point out all the things that can happen at the production stage so others can learn from our experience.

Beeswax: 6,11e

Lining: 3.13e

Label: 0,20e

CMT: 35e

total price: 44,44e

*Margin - Covering costs: 9,31%

Selling price: 49e


*the margin of 9,31% is not a profit but it is a covering cost for Individuals’ specialization



SIZES: 20 pieces per S/M, 30 pieces of M/L



How to Re-Wax your bucket hat

Our bucket hat is pre-treated with beeswax, which makes the hat water-repellent, but the wax needs to be maintained after a regular use. 

This is very easy, and you can do it at home. 

Here are the steps on how to do it: 

  1. Clean and prep the bucket hat. 

  2. Apply the wax. Take a block of beeswax and rub it over the fabric with long and even strokes, so that a thin, smooth layer remains.

  3. Heat the applied wax. Use an iron or hair dryer on the lowest setting to regulate the heat and to melt the wax in the fabric. 

  4. Dry and wipe. 


You can do it twice a year or more if needed.

A perfect scenario where the production process runs smoothly. 

A reality where multiple production errors occurred. 

1) Sell 50 bucket hats

1) 39 bucket hats approved for sale after quality check


2) Minimal waste pattern


2) Minimal waste attempt was not followed by facility 


3) Staying within the budget

3) Unable to cover the production cost 


4) The fabric suits the product


4) The fabric choice is not ideal for the execution of the product 

5) Easily adjusting the pattern to a different size 

5) The fit of the adjusted size did not turn out as expected


6) Receiving two bucket hats that are true to size

6) The S/M bucket hats measurements differ from set size


7) The factory is able to produce a bucket hat 

7) The factory is not specialized in making hats


8) Sustainable printing of high quality on organic cotton labels

8) The sustainable dye faded on the care label due to textured fabric

reality white.png

After the quality check, there are 3 groups: A, B and F. 


Hats that align with the quality of iNDiViDUALS and are going to be sold for the full price.


price: 49e  

amount: 12 pieces


Hats that have minor mistakes but are still wearable, these are going to be sold for a lower price.


price: 25-35e , people can decide how much they want to pay for a product in a range from 25 to 35 Euros

amount: 27pieces


Canceled bucket hats that don’t align with the quality iNiViDUALS wants to reach in its products. 


not being for sale

amount: 11 pieces


These are the 5 most defective products:


Bucket hat number 2/50

Size: s/m


- fit is extremely bulky, due to wrong treatment of the fabric

- open seams (see center front) 

- finishings are not clean (loose threads) 

- pressed seams are visible because the bee wax was treated with the wrong tool 

- pleat in tunnel construction 

Bucket hat number 10/50

Size: s/m


- the label is not centered in the front (between opening between the tunnels)  

Bucket hat number 16/50

size: s/m


- open seams between panels, because of high tension in the machine 

- the lining is poorly stitched 

- fit is bulky, due to wrong treatment of the fabric

- disrespect of the seam allowance (front is lifted) 

- this model appears smaller than the regular s/m size 


Bucket hat number 40/50

Size: m/l


- extremely slanted seams and fabric on the left side 

- not finished neatly at the tunnel 

- pleated seam at the top, due to slanted seam 


Bucket hat number 50/50

Size: m/l


- the left side is 7 mm shorter than the right side (measured under the tunnel opening) 

- tunnel construction is not done neatly 


Bucket hat number 10/50

Size: s/m


- the label is not centered in the front (between opening between the tunnels) 

Outer layer + Strings


Name: ET_V008_black

Fabrics: Beeswaxed medium twill

Composition: 100% organic cotton + beeswax

Supplier: Ecological Textiles, the Netherlands

Origin: Turkey

Certification: GOTS certified cotton

Color: black

Price per m2: 22,25e

Order: 15 m

Price per bucket hat: 6,11e




Name: 650002

Fabrics: Canvas zwart

Composition:100% organic cotton

Supplier: Boweevil, the Netherlands

Origin: Turkey

Certification: GOTS certified cotton

Color: black

Price per m2: 10,70e

Order: 15 m

Price per bucket hat: 9,24e




Fabric: reprinted stock labels

Composition: 100% cotton

Colour: White

Printing technique: Sublimation print

Printing location: Mauritskade 11, 1091 GC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Total label price: 10e

Label price per bucket hat: 0,20e


Stitching thread:

Art. no. : 1159

Colour: black 0038

Composition: 100% polyester

Supplier: Andrevo

Size: 80

Brand: Amann group

Company origin: Germany

Certification: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, European Chemicals Regulation REACH




Name: A-rola bv

Location: Jan Rebelstraat 2, 1069 CB Amsterdam, the Netherlands

CMT per bucket hat: 35,00e

CMT per 50 bucket hats: 1750e

1 bucket hat: 1,1666 hour

50 bucket hats: 58,33 hours

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