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A/W 17-18



The iNDiViDUALS, GENERATION 22, A/W 17-18 collection is inspired by the contrast of the night; the roughness of the grunge movement and the festivity of the Roaring 20’s era. This contrast was formed by iNDiViDUALS’ new perspective on luxury promoting the idea of luxury as ‘the ability to choose’.

The collection is expressed through fresh colours like ‘nightly turquoise’ and ‘toenail red’ which added pops of colour amongst a darker base of ‘mystique purple’ and ‘delirium green’. The concept print of the season is boldly represented on a padded jacket and knotted skirt. A festive overall feel with statement combinations including a fanny pack and popping pearls.

The A/W 17-18 collection was presented in January 2017 - Photos courtesy of Team Peter Stigter

Young creatives

Berber de Groot / Cecilia Frieben / Chérise Soesman / Danielle van Goch / Danique Grosjean / Dayah van Eijden / Faralda Boerwinkel / Haya Hatuluwaja / Lente Michels / Lisa Decat / Lisa Post / Loes Platenkamp / Lolita Kamper / Maarten Heuver / Mandy Muijs / Mauranne Geenen / Mitchell Bergman / Mila de Randamie / Nathalie van der Zee / Nikoleta Dzharova / Noémi Szabó / Romy Boukhizzou / Rose van Engelen / Sanne Huuskes / Syra Mistry

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