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iNDiViDUALS is a reality education programme created to bond a generation of future
thinkers to today’s industry. Providing a creative framework that encourages dialogues that
seek to challenge the status quo across the interconnected world of fashion. Students from
all three AMFI study directions experience and question every aspect of the fashion system
in a professional setting. iNDiViDUALS Studio embraces conscious & sustainable practices
as a fundamental pillar of all studio explorations, developments & productions. This mindset
is integrated in everything we do. Ensuring that AMFI professionals enter the industry
equipped with tools that advance the future proof thinking required to establish positive
innovation that advances industry norms.
Offering you as a student a course designed around the combination of true-to-reality
practice, experiment, and execution. This unique exchange is determined through the
collective experience of tomorrow’s design, branding and business development
professionals. Connecting valuable research and development to the work of relevant
industry partners, target groups or societal themes to instigate and motivate positive action.

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