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Skill : Vegetable Printing

Practiced by Katie  

A completely compostable printing technique. A quick and simple way to create repeat prints with things you can find in the house.

I learned this when I was a child, from an art and craft tv show. As the lockdown has imposed serious limitations on the materials available to me, I thought back to my childhood and came upon this simple technique.



Any hard vegetables, I used potato and beetroots. A sharp knife for carving. Any light coloured fabric, I used 100% organic un-dyed cotton. For the printing “ink” I used the leftover red cabbage dye I was using to dye fabrics.

Step 1.jpg

Step 1. Slice your vegetables in half and carve any shape or symbol into them. (I used symbols of nature, an R for reduce reuse recycle, and a ⏸ for a pause to reflect)

Step 2.jpg

Step 2. Paint the dye onto the vegetable stamp. A thin layer will do, as it comes up much more vibrant on the fabric.

Step 3.jpg

Step 3. Press the stamps firmly against the fabric and hold for a few seconds to create your print.

Step 4.jpg

Step 4: You can even use the dye to paint with if you want to add some hand-done symbols or writing.

DATE: Tuesday the 14th of April, 2020


Text and skill: Katie Griffith Morgan 

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