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S/S 18



Generation 23 of iNDiViDUALS took inspiration from people who don’t like change. S/S 18 is a statement against conservative thinking.

“Our designs are true icons, we’ve seen it all before. We have included classical men’s wardrobe references, conservative garments and even garment bags to preserve it all forever. The most out-of-proportion silhouettes have been included. Collars and cuffs are exaggerated, as well as the most extreme colours ever, like Patriotic Blue, Corduroy Bordeaux and Breathtaking Camel. Our fabrics are the ultimate eye-catchers; prints such as shirting-stripes and check will be found on spencers, blazers and overcoats. These pieces will definitely steal your attention.”

The SS18 collection was presented in June 2017 - Photos courtesy of Team Peter Stigter

Young creatives

Pip Balhuizen / Melinda Dekker / Gionina Engelhardt / Theresa Gerboth / Marit Harte / Annelijn Hartevelt / Katharina Hein / Iliana Holtland / Robin Huberts / Marie Jonkeren / Chloé Jourdet / Bo Krabben / Sogand Lotfinia / Soph Mellor / Maaike Minderhout / Taya Oerlemans / Pablo Ortiz Saenz / Rumen Rachev / Verena Reichow / Maud Renkens / Mila Reulink / Noah van Rooij / Boy Bastiaan Schut / Nikki Vekemans / Martine Veldink / Maxi Werkle

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