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S/S 17



The iNDiViDUALS S/S 17 collection acts as a reaction against the loud an aggressive voices that are responding to the many social problems which are currently happening in the world. They believe that being thoughtful is the strongest force. Now that iNDiViDUALS is 21, the brand has grown up and invites its customers to join. You don’t need to scream in order to be heard.

Inspired by the toughness and aggression of the hooligan and the statement iNDiViDUALS want to make this year, a transition from a harsh to calmed strength is seen. The show opened with colours as ‘unmistakable black’ and ‘confident yellow’. These gradually run into a palette of soft colours as ‘composed grey’. Resulting in a fresh collection with soft round shapes, matte finishes and exquisite embroideries, which show the deliberate and delicate strength of the iNDiViDUALS’ muse. Show stealers were the garments that featured the all-over print; personal scratches hand drawn by all members of the iNDiViDUALS team.

The S/S 17 collection was presented in June 2016

Photos courtesy of Team Peter Stigter

Young creatives

Gabriëlle van Aardenne / Fabricia Blauwhof / Susan Bleeker / Suzan Eikema / Judith Freriks / Paula Galama / Lois Grooff / Morane Havet / Noortje van Hooijdonk / Laura de Jong / Angela Kleppe / Rosa Kramer / Julia Kuijs / Madiana Macauley / Laura Miatkowski / Lorraine Muller / Lois Rutten / Simone Schampers / Sophie van Schoonhoven / Seph Smit / Coretta Tapoka / Simone van der Vlist / Amber Vriesde / Sophie Warmenhoven

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