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S/S 16



iNDiViDUALS introduces the S/S 16 collection, the 19th collection from this AMFI programme. The S/S 16 concept is inspired by the interplay of rational thoughts and emotional impulses that make our lives more dynamic.

The complexity of the mind and our unexpected impulses inspired the collection’s contrasting and surprising combination of geometric silhouettes and soft, formfitting contours. This results in the perfect clash between sporty details and fluent, silky fabrics that together create a fresh and elegant vibe. The bright splashes of colour, sparkling textures and solid hues enhance the energetic atmosphere of the S/S 16 collection.

The S/S 16 collection was presented in July 2015 - Photos courtesy of Team Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Monia Antinori / Sam de Clonie Maclennan / Carina Feininger / Erdem Gesmiroglu / Thomas de Grave / Fleur Kalff / Gerian Kavishe / Carolin Krings / Tamara Manubulu / Sharon Marlisa / Katharina Mayerhofer / Iris Moonen / Carmen Mulder / Julie Mulders / Jos Nuijten / Stephen Piel / Sabina Ringers / Sylwia Skotnicka / Christina Smits / Youri Spaaij / Jules ten Velde / Sintela Vergeer

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