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S/S 15



iNDiViDUALS introduces the S/S 15 collection, the 17th collection from this AMFI programme.

The S/S 15 concept recognizes that today’s turbulent and uncertain environment has placed human identities under pressure.


The collection presents the courage found to take distance of hyper reality. It is marked with a new strength, where we go against the expected, with a paradox of revealing and concealing. An eye-deceiving print together with solid and drapery translucent materials reflect the layers developed throughout the years.

The S/S 15 collection was presented in July 2014 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Robin van der Aa / Karissa Bell / Tessa Bosma / Anniek Kager / Sharveen Koesal / Laiwa van der Linden / Elise Luring / Mirona Meseure/ Milan Moheb / Christian Müller / Linda Plaude / Samantha Sowirono / Roos Steger / Guusje van der Sterren / Sofie van der Velden / Sabine Voskuil / Froukje Wallendal / Madelief de Wolf / Maria Wöstmann

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