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S/S 13



ROOTS is Individuals' 13th chapter. This Spring-Summer 2013 collection is the follow-up to the winter collection DUALS and continues the story of Individuals. After the rebellion and social reform comes a moment of contemplation and the cathartic realisation that we must move on. We collect leftovers of the past and rely on our primal strengths again: ROOTS sets a first confident step into a new world.

Weathered fabrics, parts of clothing that accidentally could have been found, and the feeling of a deep-rooted instinct for survival, together create an earthly collection. A collection that consists of different, unexpected combinations in references, material and design. ROOTS’ striding movement from darkness into brightness evokes the necessity and inevitability of moving onwards.

'Roots' was presented during Amsterdam Fashion Week, July 2012 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Elvert Arnold / Liz Bink / Dorien Boeren / Suzanne van Es / Fernanda Fernandes / Merel van Glabbeek / Michelle van de Griend / Femke Heemskerk / Suzanne Jansen / Loes Janssen / Nina de Lange / Marlous Nieuwland / Margot Noordam / Charley Peereboom / Erik Pulles / Fatih Sahin / Marit van Serveen / Wiete Smits / Noelle Tierie / Catharina Veder / Eva Wagensveld / Marloes van de Water / Mattanja de Wilde / Kinmei Wong

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