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S/S 12



Nature's Child is Individuals’ eleventh collection and contains both powerful and refined elements that carry a certain vulnerability. 

In the spring/summer collection 2012 NATURE’S CHILD -CONSUMMATUM-EST- two different worlds collide. Freedom meets destiny and Individuals creates a strong statement by merging these two different worlds in a mature collection.

'Nature's Child' was presented during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, July 2011 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Anne van de Boogaard / Katjun Hau / Jillie de Hommel / Lisette Kerkhoven / Anna Kunst / Ayla Maarschalkerweerd / Nike Mora van der Voort / Nieke Mulder / Sladjana Pengic / Mabel Pols / Nisha Rabiee / Annemarel Sips / Myrthe Slootjes / Wine Warmenhoven / Deborah Wout

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