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S/S 09



The fifth collection is inspired by the raw poetry of the street. The focus was on playing with the boundaries of refined taste and beauty sprouting from chaos. The materials vary from washed canvas to coated valour, with a confrontation between laque, dry twill and poetic cotton, in a colour palette of blond, salmon red and old skin. We are dropping our masks! Skin, skin, skin! Holy, holy, skin!

'Hooligan Poetry' was presented during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, July 2008 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Denise Aartsen / Ellen van Agtmaal / Dennis Claesen / Arinda Cramer / Anouk van Haaster / Paul Karsten / Tuija Mantyla / Ani Nersessian / Cissy Noordeloos / Izabela Skowronska / Edmund Soewarno / Danny Strijker / Kim van Vliet / Robbert Wefers Bettink / Shi Yan Wu

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