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We invite you to rethink ownership for a progressively sustainable future. The staple blazer has arrived at AMFI and iNDiViDUALS is pioneering rental to bring it to YOUR closet. Redefine value through emotional connection; a shared garment has a million stories to tell. Leave your mark in the community diary along with those before you and those to come. With each circular journey the garment passport is provided as your ticket. Be the future fashion professional to set the standards for the industry; quality is the norm and accessibility is a given.  

Rethink the way you own, recreate your personal style, revalue the worth of sustainability, rent the staple blazer and ultimately re-own the clothes you wear.


The fashion industry is founded on provoking desirability in terms of traditional ownership; the distinct belonging of something to someone. We stand to challenge this, refresh perspective and introduce the first-ever rental system for the AMFI community. 

We offer two staple blazers, each with a unique story to tell - the first is a tale of adaptable  individuality and the second of incomparable quality in the market as it exists today. Together they create the call to action - rethink ownership by redefining value. 

With these garments you can access the unmatched thrill that comes with a shiny new purchase, but now it lasts the entire period of owning the item. Rental entails an unavoidable but peaceful goodbye before the excitement fades. A system that ensures both you and the blazer don’t experience any period of devaluation.


 “Live at the peak”


"Could Be Mine" blazer

GEN31 is full of colour; a characteristic we use as a tool to further creative and individual expression. 

The “Could Be Mine” blazer has been specifically designed to facilitate adjustment by the renter with a multitude of opportunities to suit any personal style preference. A selection of add-ons have been naturally hand dyed by the community and tailored by our designers to be played with by you.

Take your pick from 8 storm flaps and 8 pockets, which can be mixed and matched - a never ending cycle of creation. The experimentation starts here, have a try at recreating your personal style with the tool below by moving the different pockets and stormflaps.

 “Never ending cycle of creation”

Blazer and stormflap Ale_2.png
light sand stormflap
stormflap maartje
stormflap johan
stormflap jo
stormfap toni
stormflap esme
stormflap sanne
stormflap ale
Stormflap juliette
light sand pocket
pocket maartje
pocket sanne
pocket johan
pocket ale
pocket juliette
pocket toni
pocket jo


"What's Mine Is Yours" blazer

The perfect blazer should last a lifetime. This is founded in timeless design for longevity and the birth of a garment that requires a series of sustainable considerations. 

Both blazers come to you after much tweaking and tailoring to earn your trust. But the “What’s Mine is Yours” blazer embodies superior garment sustainability and worth. Guiding this process has been 3 core focus points with the goal of achieving ultimate sustainability: Circularity, Traceability and Accountability. It hasn't been a smooth ride and achieving these values has expended substantial time and resources. 

iNDiViDUALS is refreshing the currently accepted interpretation of ownership by bringing rental to AMFI for the very first time. This community rental programme is accessibly delivered to the exact place you learn about progressive change in the industry. As this system is passed on from Generation to Generation of iNDiViDUALS it is also passed on to the customer to take as inspiration. After all, everyone here is a future fashion professional looking to make their mark. 

The product: a staple linen blazer which acts as the core to any perfect outfit. Whether you pair it with ripped tights and goth boots, a Parisian beret, or a 00s miniskirt, we provide a buildable foundation to be elevated beyond all boundaries. All that's missing is you.


“All that's missing is you”


Individual creation.

The path of innovation.


The arrival of long-awaited solutions.


For the fabric fanatics: check out our linen articles


Neither blazer excludes by taking a classic one size fits all approach.

You now have the opportunity to join our never-ending journey. Start by making the “Could Be Mine” blazer yours. Next feel out the “What’s Mine is Yours” blazer in preparation to pass it on to the next  in rethinking ownership for a progressive future. Circularity isn't that far off; it just starts with the unknown. Open your mind and your closet - together we can re-own the clothes we wear.


“Join our travels and pass on the legacy.”

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