The Puzzle of Ownership

Possession. Why must everything belong to someone or something? Our treatment of the things we own can be careless yet we treasure them at the same time. As Generation 31 we take this moment of reflection to dissolve the unrealistic expectation to own everything we desire while keeping everything we once wanted.

For many in the fashion community, charm is found in the most useless things. Whether it's a desktop explosion of screenshots kept for inspiration or a closet full of clothes of which we only wear our dearest few - collecting is in our nature.

But what does it mean to own? Should this be an unorganised mass that keeps us up at night or may it be simplified? Ownership can take whatever form you please. Tangible or intangible. Broken or brand new. Full of emotion or with none at all.

This is a question of what you hold valuable. iNDiViDUAL perspective is the puzzle piece that has been missing. Missing from a buildable puzzle that is far from solved and to which many more pieces are to come - the puzzle of ownership.

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