Challenging the Black and White

Colour in the INDiViDUALS logo? An idea previously considered unspeakable takes its place as Generation 31’s signature. iNDiViDUALS will be our colouring book. You might be wondering why we played our game of “this or that” in our Instagram stories…

The company’s classic black and white is now seen with a little bit of us, a little bit of you and a splash of purplish-blue. But when you see it now in the logo, how do you feel?

For us, adding colour to a logo that has long remained monochrome gives us a sense of liberation. Why not colour outside the lines? Our generation is one step closer to the future of fashion and one step closer to changing the perception of this tainted industry. We work to recolour it in a positive light.

Something as familiar as colour can refresh an identity. With this, we bring change: a change in the way we all perceive colour. If you stand by the idea that seeing is believing, let us look through your eyes.

Colour can be debated all night and day, but it will never be black and white.

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