I Want It, Let’s Share It

Wholeness and Clarity

It can feel as if time stands still as the sun grazes your rosy cheek on a hectic December morning. In this euphoric second you are given the power to recognise the world as it truly is. Moments of wholeness provide clarity to what we hold valuable in life, from here we can place ourselves in the chaos that surrounds. A sense of belonging gives us safety and allows us to aim higher. As Generation 31 continues to work out the puzzle of ownership we rethink what it means to belong.

Disconnectedness has been undeniable due to circumstances out of our control. As we adapt to overcome a world gripped by a pandemic, we are also capable of reshaping our future; individually and together. Fashion is at a tipping point; our snowball of consumption has become unhinged. More thought must be involved in our accumulation of “belongings” as the line between want has been blurred beyond recognition. We have literally been making TikToks with the voiceover “I want it, I got it.” while filming our meaningless online purchases with pride. And the most concerning part? This is actually relatable - a means of connecting with those around us. But how can we create the bond of relatability without endangering our relationship with the planet?

Mysterious Desire

Let's take a step back to that defining moment of clarity in the refreshing sun. Let’s use this to pinpoint the aspect of fashion we treasure the most. This will serve as our inspiration for future-forward innovation. After looking within the iNDiViDUALS studio, we have found that for many of us, the purest value is the emotional connection that we share with our fashion loving community. A link that is shared often has a golden shine. Trading clothes with those around you is the oldest trick to refreshing your identity, even if just for a while. Sharing delivers joy that simply cannot be found in keeping things for yourself. It also provides the opportunity to feed the mysterious human desire to have what is not yours but experience the thrill that comes with a new piece for your closet. Emotional connection can be considered the most sustainable mentality of all. When you cherish a garment so deeply that you never want to let it go, protect it beyond boundaries and repair it till its last breath, a uniquely durable bond is formed. Just imagine how valuable something can be when shared with your nearest and dearest.

Looking for a Resolution?

Generation 31 is exploring how a deeper sentiment can be awarded to our clothes for the future of the fashion industry. We are starting with the very people who form the foundation - the AMFI community, the future fashion professionals that will be calling the shots in just a few years. Now you are probably wondering how we could ever share clothes with so many people. There is a very simple solution that is under-explored in fashion. Maybe now you have guessed where this is going: rental. We bring this to AMFI to be as accessible as possible. But what will we rent? That's a mystery you will have to wait for. And how will it possibly fit everyone’s individual style? You’ll see soon enough. Maybe rental is the New Year’s resolution you need. See you in 2022.

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