A Stamp to Remember

In the present moment, you are looking at the destination of this precious garment. This journey has been a tough yet fulfilling one. Throughout not only bright green but also intense red lights have been faced. These red lights have given the garment its defining position; imperfectly “perfect”. This blazer is a representation of patiently waiting, searching, and earning green lights. It now travels with our community to form new beginnings and long-awaited ends.

Stamps are collected with every new and wondrous adventure. This treasured garment has been on the road with us for a while now, the details of this trip have been collected in our uniquely special stamp: the QR code. Looking into the QR code will give you access to a digital garment passport to tell the tale of its existence. This starts with a peek at the road we’ve taken which led to our well-considered and future-orientated choice of linen accompanied by fabric origin specifics. Also within this digital passport, you will find the valuable information needed to begin your rental adventure. To complete this circular garment story, you will be gifted the details of how to grow your own linen with the plantable paper received with your rental experience.

Along with this pass to a garment journey like none other, you too have earned the right to leave your colourful stamp with it. A collection of memories all from within our community come together to show the significance shared fashion has. The “Could Be My” blazer offers diversity; each individual can choose their path through customization. iNDiViDUALS Generation 31 dares you to wear it with pride, style it with your personal touch, and travel without any boundaries. The energy gathered from this what you choose to explore while wearing it will be embedded in the linen and will surround the next traveler with wisdom and comfort. On the other hand, the “What’s Mine Is Yours” blazer reflects the impeccable level of quality at which Generation 31 believes everyone should operate in the fashion industry. With the end of the rental experience and time spent with both blazers comes the opportunity for the process to start all over again building endless identity creation and incomparable value.

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