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Generation '19 first year students 

Throughout their AMFI years the students will personalize their sweater to document their journey. They get the chance to learn new techniques to use on their sweater, AMFI teacher Charlotte Lokin gave workshops on embroidery and embellishment. When they got the sweater it was all black with an AMFI tag on the back side, designed and developed by @individualsatamfi. First year student @bensimonvleyen used the newly learnt embroidery techniques to create nature on her sweater and give it a new life.

3 april 2020

We love to see your work with the AMFI sweater. Share it with us under the hashtag #amfisweater on instagram!

iNDiViDUALS STUDIO believes in cooperation and co-creations.

We are very interested in other parties to inspire our new narrative.

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