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We are i28.

We are a unity of creative minds. 

We are a student-driven fashion consultancy studio. 

We are designers, managers and branders from 8 different countries. 

We are motion.


We urge the fashion industry revolving around hyper-consumerism to do a RESIT!


We believe in craftivism. 

We use craft as a powerful approach to enable social processes of action and negotiation. We honour the communal enjoyment of making with care, patience and focus. We believe - making is thinking! 


We believe in thoughtful consumption. 

We consider the social, economic and environmental impact of our choices. We inspire audiences to consider the life-cycle of garments. Consume when necessary, to buy consciously, to use carefully by reusing, mending and embroidering.


We believe in interactive education. 

We encourage the interactive flow of knowledge, learning from the audiences surrounding us. We find common ground in the joy of change which inspires and strengthens our actions.


We believe in collective empowerment. 

By fusing our diverse voices with our heritage, we champion inclusion and trust, regardless of species, gender, age, colour, ability. We cherish culture as it celebrates craftmanship and collective motion. We create together to connect audiences. 


We believe in actively doing. 

We aim to provoke not only critical thought but also critical doing. We enable audiences to merge consciousness and active contribution to change. 


We believe in honest and optimistic communication. 

We address a straightforward strategy in communicating to embrace sincerity. Our process is accessible to all, it uncovers all issues we face and all solutions we design. 

The fashion industry has all potential to solve its most pressing issues - we will help through this RESIT!

DATE: Monday the 16th of March, 2020

CREDITS: Text: Marika Hanschke Edit: Isabel Visser

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