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We are GEN30, a collective of 24 creatives. We see ourselves as revolutionary change makers and hold ourselves accountable for every decision we make. More than anything else, we believe that constant evolution is imperative.


We take responsibility to reduce our footprint by thinking two steps ahead.


Together we question the status quo. We are determined to create an outcome shifting the industry boundaries.


We strive to be the example of a long-term and conscious-driven solution where there is no satisfaction without action.



The ongoing research of GEN30

The first weeks of the semester, iNDiViDUALS focusses on broad research of the market to deliver a future proof advice in design, business & development and branding.


The moodboard that made the first moves in the process 



The first weeks we were happy to do a lot of researching and experimenting. This was focussed on all different elements within design, management and branding, leading up to a debrief moment with our industry partner. Just as our internal meetings, this debrief was done in a hybrid set-up, ensuring the safety of all those involved.

Atelier week was a moment to make, play, experiment and reflect. From a digital museum visit, to making prints, posters and even our own fabrics in Friesland. This week got us out of our heads and into working with our hands.

Taking a step back and working with our hands helped us come up with new creative ideas

- studio manager

Collaborating with the other departments connected our and opinions. It helped us develop our train of thought further and take the next step. - Print media

Taking a break from our hectic schedule in Amsterdam, we visited the studio of Claudy Jongstra in Friesland where we experimented with different wool and colour techniques.

By cooking vegetables such as onion, a dye can be created in different colours. This dying method is more sustainable than regular dying methods, as it is done without any additional chemical.

Letting go of the rational and following the emotional, helped us rediscover our creative sides. - Merchandise manager


During the final brief GEN30 presented two possible scenarios to this season's partner. After receiving the feedback we will now continue developing a brand identity, communication and promotion strategy through a sustainable fashion collection inspired by brainteasers.

GEN30 believes in equal importance of process and product. We relish in the journey, without loosing sight of the finish line. The last ten weeks have been filled with experimentation, creativity and research. Now, we are moving to the next round — check out the video to get the inside scoop of our process.

GEN30 sees both the sustainability and branding advantage of 3D clothing design and presentation. Hence, our look book combines the real and virtual world. We have created several virtual environments, some of which intended to serve as the locations of our photoshoot. One of the digital environments is a reinterpretation of the physical set in our fashion film. In the virtual scene, colourful artificial lights illuminate the open white space in an ethereal gradient pattern.



Inspired by the optical illusions of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, we created staircase visualisations that make you question the line between reality and fantasy. Additionally, 3D elements are implemented to elevate interaction with the viewers.

GEN30 believes in creating things that last. A part of this is the hangtag: usually quickly forgotten and disregarded, we have rethought its function and afterlife. Each hangtag is a one-of-a-kind oversized collectable, that later on can be used as a decorative interior element. Moreover, all the hangtags together form a puzzle, which invites the customer to gather all the pieces from the collection and solve it.



"We want to get rid of the disposable aspect of the hangtag, and transform it into something valuable instead" - CSR and product brander

Digital garment

The collection is inspired by our industry partner’s signature brain teasers. The visual connection between games and garments is clear not only in print but also in colours. On top of that, in most garments, we have implemented a game element, which enhances the link between the collection and our inspiration.

The first sketches were made with a CLO3D — fashion design software, which allows for faster, more efficient and flexible prototyping. The programme serves as a great tool for pattern as well as multiple colour and style options creation, which is significantly more time and labour intensive in real life. Following the virtual prototyping stage, the garments are produced.


Gen30 takes responsibility for reducing its footprint by thinking two steps ahead. Together we want to question the status quo and inspire others to implement long-term solutions to solve the problem of fashion’s environmental impact.


“We move without limitations.”


By connecting our values with those of our industry partner, we have developed a strategy that is based on reducing the negative environmental impact through durability and longevity. GEN30 created a capsule collection that is made to last and be cared for.


By making garments interactive and exclusive, we create an emotional connection that is enhanced through a care label with a QR code. Through the code, the consumer learns more about the impact of fashion, hence, is stimulated to take care of the garment in order to reduce it.


For the application of the prints, we make use of digital printing and screen printing. Digital printing is the most sustainable option, as it involves very low power and water consumption compared to conventional printing. Because it uses the exact amount of ink that is needed, no ink is wasted in the process. Besides these advantages, digital printing gives the most accurate and high-quality results in terms of colour. The benefit of screen printing is that it can be done in-house, it works well for experimenting and it is one of the most used techniques in merchandise collections. To stay true to the sustainable goals, GEN30 uses sustainable ink during screen printing.

This season, iNDiViDUALS worked on developing a sustainable capsule collection and a future-proof strategic advice report for Recent Toys. 

Recent Toys is an international powerhouse in the brainteaser industry. Diving into the world of brain teasing challenges and collaborating with world-renowned inventors to create new puzzles with completely original concepts, Recent Toys creates products for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re good at math, logic, patterns or you’re just an absolute go-getter, Recent Toys has the right puzzle for you. 

Always up for a challenge, iNDiViDUALS merged the worlds of puzzles and fashion. Inspired by iconic Recent Toys’ brainteasers, they developed a collection where logic is the starting point and fantasy is the solution.


For the shoot of the new collection, GEN30 worked together with the talented photographer Luca Wehnes. Shot at the bright-white Westgate Studios, we concentrated on showing the garments and their details in a crisp and modern way. The imagery will be used for different visual outlets such as the look-book and social media.


The video was created in collaboration with cinematographer Daan de Graaff and scenographer Stefan Prokop. As opposed to the photoshoot, the video shows how the brand concept can be communicated to the target audience. A combination of physical and virtual elements contribute to the fantasy that is embedded in our brand proposal. With fast paced editing, projections and movement, the concept is presented through the visuals. It can be used to increase brand awareness, display the Recent Toys brand or showcase new products in an intriguing way.

Direction and art direction: Alain Tarnagda & Madelief van Leth

Cinematography: Daan de Graaff

Gaffer: Robin Tap 

Sound designer: Jessy Volkers

Editor: Menno Fokma

Photographer: Paiman Azizi

3D: Floor Blees, Saskia Roturier, Susan van der Laan, Viktoria Kosuta & Vera van der Horst

Scenographer: Stefan Prokop

Styling: Hannah Braun & Saskia Roturier

Hair/make up: Patricija Kostelic


Model 1: Timo Schipper

Model 2: Selena Mual

Model 3: Ian Sepheer

During the go/no go moment, our final ideas were presented to Recent Toys. The proposal of GEN30 was approved, and we will work on realising parts of the presented strategy to complete our advice for Recent Toys.



Connect the dots and let the fantasy unravel


The future generation of fashion uses gamification to give meaning to garments.

iNDiViDUALS STUDIO, the in-house consultancy studio of AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute, presented a brand identity, communication and promotion strategy for Recent Toys through a sustainable fashion collection.


Twenty-four students worked for twenty weeks to create this collection. During the final event, we were able to present the results of our work to the industry partner. As our advice relates to new brand identity and concept, the event served as a tool to visualise it. We wanted to inspire the client and propose a way of how they can convey their new brand identity beyond just graphic design and visual tone of voice.


It may have been the most challenging project of our AMFI career. In order to combine the fashion and puzzle industry, we had to significantly shift our perspectives. Collaboratively we have worked towards the goal of creating products that channel the essence of Recent Toy's brainteasers while still being considered cutting-edge in the fashion world.

We moved beyond limits, and solved the puzzle of developing a 360 strategic fashion advice for Recent Toys.

The 3D clothing which we made in digital fashion design software CLO is used as a communication tool on Instagram. Through this filter, we have merged the real and digital world.


This is the AR Filter of iNDiViDUALS. Scan the poster of the technical drawing and the garment will come to life on your screen.

Whilst creating the collection we analysed all types of Recent Toys' brainteasers and what makes them stand out. Each sub-brand offered by Recent Toys has its own unique products, which served as our inspiration. The connection between games and garments can be made instantly based on visual appearance. Not only are the prints inspired by the brainteasers from each sub-brand, but also the colours.

The collection takes direct inspiration from the most striking elements of each brainteaser sub-brand of Recent Toys. It connects a multitude of design approaches; some purely visual, others in complex constructions and interactive styles, making the garments into brainteasers themselves. The main elements directly link back to the brainteasers: zero waste, movement, hidden, and folding.

All the styles have an identical boxy fit because we did not want to attribute the collection to a specific body type or gender.

Based on research, the choice was made to make the garments comfortable and seasonless. To accomplish that, we chose fabrics that feel soft on the skin, such as jersey, cotton and sweat.

For the video, we chose a selection of styles that represent the collection. We have included garments with a visual connection to the brainteasers as well as the garments with a brainteaser implemented in them. The three outfits portray the comfortability of this collection.

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