We are GEN30, a collective of 24 creatives. We see ourselves as revolutionary change makers and hold ourselves accountable for every decision we make. More than anything else, we believe that constant evolution is imperative.


We take responsibility to reduce our footprint by thinking two steps ahead.


Together we question the status quo. We are determined to create an outcome shifting the industry boundaries.


We strive to be the example of a long-term and conscious-driven solution where there is no satisfaction without action.



The first weeks of the semester, iNDiViDUALS focusses on broad research of the market to deliver a future proof advice in design, business & development and branding.

The ongoing research of GEN30


The moodboard that made the first moves in the process 



The first weeks we were happy to do a lot of researching and experimenting. This was focussed on all different elements within design, management and branding, leading up to a debrief moment with our industry partner. Just as our internal meetings, this debrief was done in a hybrid set-up, ensuring the safety of all those involved.

Atelier week was a moment to make, play, experiment and reflect. From a digital museum visit, to making prints, posters and even our own fabrics in Friesland. This week got us out of our heads and into working with our hands.

Taking a step back and working with our hands helped us come up with new creative ideas

- studio manager

Collaborating with the other departments connected our and opinions. It helped us develop our train of thought further and take the next step. - Print media

Taking a break from our hectic schedule in Amsterdam, we visited the studio of Claudy Jongstra in Friesland where we experimented with different wool and colour techniques.

By cooking vegetables such as onion, a dye can be created in different colours. This dying method is more sustainable than regular dying methods, as it is done without any additional chemical.

Letting go of the rational and following the emotional, helped us rediscover our creative sides. - Merchandise manager


During the final brief GEN30 presented two possible scenarios to this season's partner. After receiving the feedback we will now continue developing a brand identity, communication and promotion strategy through a sustainable fashion collection inspired by brainteasers.

GEN30 believes in equal importance of process and product. We relish in the journey, without loosing sight of the finish line. The last ten weeks have been filled with experimentation, creativity and research. Now, we are moving to the next round — check out the video to get the inside scoop of our process.