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As Generation 25, our mission is to create only what is necessary.

We took an important event in the fashion calendar, the product launch, and did it a little differently.


Doing away with a guest list, free drinks, VIPS and the ubiquitous after party - we highlighted the banality of fashion events most people attend remembering the ‘packaging’ rather than the product itself. 


By staging a faux event, Generation 25 proved that in reality, a fashion party doesn’t need to take place in order to showcase a product. 


Hype generated by footage shared via Airdrop, social media and posters around the city, made the event ‘invite’ much sought-after by Amsterdam’s fashion scene - resulting in a fear of missing out, even though the majority didn’t understand what it was they missed out on.    


Sorry that you didn’t make it to the guest list. Nor did we.

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