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Protection is necessary for survival. Just like any other animal, we do this to avoid danger. Many animals protect themselves through changing the way they appear to the outside world, making themselves larger than they actually are or showing off with bold colors that imply danger.


Inspired by this, we state that in order to survive you need to protect, but in order to live you need to be present. 



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The Swagger Coat was a garment meant to protect the wearers clothing that was worn underneath. This demand has and will never go away, however the Swagger Coat has gone. 


To bring the idea of the Swagger Coat back we believe that it can be translated into a garment that suits our everyday needs. While also protecting us from the outside world and leaving an impression of attitude and power. 


Motion relates to this because in today’s society it’s unthinkable to not be on the move. The Coat is made to be worn outside, so to be worn while moving from place to place without leaving comfort. 


What we feel is lacking in the modern day is this idea of attitude and practicality, the Coats that resemble the attitude that we have researched so far, just like the Swagger Coat, are very long and voluminous but rarely practical. Which is strange seeing how it is a garment made to protect and to move around with. 


We see the Swagger Coat as taking your body and wrapping it up in a layer that veils the body, keeping it comfortable and hidden on the inside, while showing off and serving an attitude to the outside. 


We translated what inspired us of the Swagger Coat into 3 values: ATTITUDE, MOTION and PROTECTION. Because we feel like that these values represent the Swagger Coats on its best. 

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