‘Collaborating with iNDiViDUALS brought new energy in the company of George Pisa - they succeeded to build a bridge between the heritage of the brand and a bright, dynamic, sustainable future’.

- Jacques Hulsbosch, CEO of George Pisa.

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Since the final event had to become a fully online event, due to the lockdown, i29 chose to create a pre-recorded presentation video, inspired by the Apple product launches.  

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This presentation video was shot in the old building of Tivoli Utrecht. The space has a spacious feel and an atmosphere that matches our concept.

A screen of 2X3 meters was installed by JUR, to screen the presentation made by i29.

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A concept video for George Pisa forms an important part of the presentation. This video shows how George Pisa can reach and inspire the client on an emotional level. The video above is a short edit of the original concept video. 

After the post-production phase, done by Menno Fokma, i29 screened the video to George Pisa during the hybrid final event. All employees of George Pisa were present, curious about i29’s advice. The audience had the chance to take a close look at the designs, reflect on the proposal and ask questions. To conclude the event, i29 handed over the strategic report.