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GEN 34

Our Values Include :




Today we live in a society where it seems more important to get attention rather than exchange information. Momentum over meaning. Quantity over quality. It seems like people are always looking for the next big thing, always wanting to be ahead. But what does it mean to be ahead? And what exactly do we want to be ahead of?


Instead of always being in search for the right answer, we think it is time to step back, review and look for the right questions. Is it perhaps time to look around rather than ahead? And maybe looking around can be a form of looking ahead.


This semester, we, Generation33, gets the opportunity to build on the legacy of the Generations that came before us. And we want to take this opportunity with both hands to start questioning. After all we can’t rely on the status quo, everything around us is in flux.


We believe in creating awareness and building real ownership in modern day’s society

We believe in creating awareness and building real ownership in modern day’s society


To educate and open a dialogue about different perspective on ownership


A Photo from the Rental Event during the Seminar | A talk on Ownership in the Creative Industry


Wednesday 26th of October, iNDiViDUALS Studio hosted its second ‘Rental Event’ in collaboration with ABCND Store. GEN33 launched the brand-new natural dyed Tops which GEN32 created last semester. These new Tops are added into the Rental Collection, available at the iNDiViDUALS Studio.

Besides the launch of the new item, GEN33 also organised a insightful seminar with industry visionaries and change makers, that initiated a dialogue on ownership and excessive consumption. Keep an eye out on our channels because a video of the seminar will be published soon…

GEN33 would like to thank everyone who was there and they’re looking forward to future events, conversations and collaborations!

The Collection From the Rental


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