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Skill : Chain Stitch

Practiced by Gabriela  

Chain stitch is traditionally used for embellishment, but also in sewing - to hem jeans. This technique is 2,500 years old!


Chain stitch is a popular embroidery technique in Poland, where I come from: Polish folklore costumes. History got me inspired to learn the chain stitch. 


Step 1. Make your starting point, bring the needle up through the fabric.

step 2

Step 2. Insert the top of the needle back to your starting point.


Step 3. Bring the tip up through the fabric, a short distance away.

Step 4. Place the thread behind the tip of the needle, creating a loop.


Step 5. Pull the needle through the loop.


Step 6. You just got your first chain loop! Now, insert the tip of the needle back to the spot when you pulled it through.


Step 7. Repeat point 3 over again until you’ve had enough!

DATE: Tuesday the 14th of April, 2020


Text and skill: Gabriela Syzdek

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