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A/W 18-19



Built upon the framework of iNDiViDUALS heritage, GEN24 presented a collection that celebrates the brand’s past 23 generations. A variety of classic fabrics in different tones of warm colours such as deep red corduroy and yellow pinstripe were combined with robust beeswax coatings, copper sequins and comfortable knits, diffusing the tension between street style and tailoring. In addition to these pieces, GEN24 introduced five Sidekicks: functional add-on items, for both men and women, that revitalise already existing looks.

The GEN24 collection was presented in January 2018 - Photos courtesy of Team Peter Stigter

Young creatives

Christel Aldenhoven / Andra Adamovica / Frieda Baldeswing / Marissa Brinks / Roy Doron / Sofia Duineveld / Marjolijn Ebbers / Brechtje Helderweirdt / Sophie den Hertog / Fiona Hesse / Louisa Hoetink / Janne Hoevelaken / Jara Hussein / Rick Immerzeel / Eva de Kam / Giula Klamer / Thara Koekenbier / Aniek Koeslag / Marissa Koolen / Brandi Jenna Lacertosa / Kim Oprins / Sven Ponthofer / Viola Ravinska / Marieke van Ree / Jaimy Schreuder / Jozien Stigter / Els Veldman / Laura de Wilde

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