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A/W 15-16



iNDiViDUALS introduces the A/W 15-16 collection, the 18th collection from this AMFI programme.

The iNDiViDUALS A/W 15-16 concept is driven by the thought to let go of chasing expectations and finding your own path. Embracing the comfortable nonchalance of a Sunday Morning, the collection aims to make the wearer feel at ease.

This is expressed through cosy pajama references, supported by visible detailing, such as organic seaming and topstitching. Sensory fabrics, such as brushed wools and felted fabrics trigger to touch and immerse the wearer into comfort.

The A/W 15-16 collection was presented in January 2015 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Danial Aitouganov / Claudia Brok / Debbie van Dam / Kitty Deesker / Nienke van Dijk / Jennifer Droguett Espinosa / Stef Dunselman / Sam Engelhard / Lisa Galenkamp/ Anna Lena Götzmann / Annemiek van den Heuvel / Sophie Jansen / Lara Jongejans / Faya Maris /Camille-Anais Milhavet-Dauba / Valeska Morales Ubal / Minouschka Oort / Moona Saul/ Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst / Pascal Ummels / Sarah de Visser / Claire Wouters/ Anneclaire Zoon / Lisa Zwiep

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