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A/W 12–13



In this collection Individuals reacts with passion and force to today’s society with a raw street wear collection, full of references to the city and to a nomadic lifestyle.

"DUALS" refers to the duel between oneself and the outside world, and to the duality between faith and insecurity. Progress and transience are two red threads running through the collection, seeking the answer to the question: "What time could this be?

'Duals' was presented during Amsterdam Fashion Week, January 2012 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Floor Arnold / Denise Bink / Tisja Damen / Lotte van Dijk / Wendy Dirksen / Jacqui Frances / Jolijn Friederichs / Jimena Gauna / Michelle Klinkhamer / Merel Korteweg / Jazz Kuipers / Monika Lovas / Martijn Nekoui / Shona Pratt / Jill de Roode / Jessica Schuddeboom / Florian Stoelman / Naomi van der Veer / Sanne Vissers / Astrid de Vries / Shanita de Vries / Kyra Wessel / Anice van Wissen

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