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A/W 11–12



La Petite Mort is Individuals’ tenth collection. A milestone in the history of the brand. 

The collection is all about taking a leap of faith. The moment when morals collapse and barriers fade. As adrenaline kicks in, everything turns black. Sparks rush through your veins and the only light is the electricity you emit. Still the question remains: is jumping worth the fall?

'La Petite Mort' was presented during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, January 2011 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Lina Beltran / Klaartje Brouns / Laurens Brunt / Daphne Burgwal / Steffi Cheung / Chi Gar Fung / Bing Gall / Cuma Genc / Rubia Heyer / Yvonne Kwok / Annemieke van de Lavoir / Marcella van Leen / Anne Mestrom / Rianne Otto / Daphny Raes / Nairi Robert / Lisa Siekerman / Malou van Soest / Jennifer Wiering / Steven de Wit / Nina Wormer / Tess van Zalinge / Djinn Zijp

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