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A/W 08-09



The Winter '08 collection seeks simplicity and emotion in the combination of masculine and feminine elements. Comfort and progress, recognisability and creativity are harmonised by a combination of hard and soft materials, and a balance between volume and form-fitting shapes. Exceptional knitwear is given a subtitle palette of dark tints with glimpses of vivid colour. Rich materials such as corduroy and striped and transparent viscose create a familiar image. The detailing is classic and extravagant. Winter '08 is a blanket... Waves Given.

'Waves Given' was presented during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, January 2008 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Samira Algoe / Sara de Bakker / Sanne-Lotte Barneveld / Ellis Biemans / Alexandra Blonk / Erin Campell / Sofie Claes / Lisette Damstra / Melanie Ditters / Maria Fjelde / Tessa Gerritsen / Jiska Heinen / Redmar Kaspers / Marina Krunic / Sepehr Maghsoudi / Lisette Molenkamp / Michelle Mooij / Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse / Marieke den Ouden / Robin Plijter / Maud Roodenburg / Annelous Scholder / Roderik Smits / Diane Versteeg / Christiane Vreeswijk / Priscilla Weij / Samantha Wijsman / Marina de Wilde

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