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A/W 07–08



The collection Winter '07 is inspired by the work of artist Silvia B, whose images play with alienation and attraction. And film producer Tim Burton's texts and illustrations with his contradictions of sweet and scary. Contrasts are the essence of this collection. This is why the colours vary from spicy brique to old lady grey. In fabrics the contradiction is obvious through the combination of both refined and raw elements. The collection is both morbid darks and fragile lights, with a stem and sleek silhouette.

'Freaky Fragile' was presented during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, January 2007 - Photography by Peter Stigter.

Young creatives

Esther Beerninck / Steven Borghouts / Maaike Bouwman / Francis Brookhuis / Channa Brunt / Ye Dai / Anne Dekker / Annemarije Heeren / Pauline Heuberger / Niels Hoeke / Eva Hoogenbosch / Tamar Jessurun / Stefanie Jong / Annemaren Kingma / Heidy van ’t Klooster / Sylvia Kolk / Lisa Kuijper / Anna Liss / Bob Mathlener / Jiska Schatz / Lotte Schiphof / Kim Schouten / Evelien Scipio / Lisanne Stoop / Paola Tanis / Chiara Titahena / Lotte van der Veen / Mark Voogd / Ellen van de Vooren

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