The AMFI sweater is produced at local manufacturer A Beautiful Mess. A Beautiful Mess is a social enterprise and an initiative of Refugee Company foundation, supported through subsidies and sponsorships. 

The company aims to re-frame the narrative and contribute to a more positive image of people who have a refugee background.

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The sweater in production.

A Beautiful Mess managed to produce a total of 600 sweaters for the 1st year AMFI students and teachers of AMFI.

i29 student Sanne and former iNDiViDUALS student Eva, who currently works at A Beautiful Mess, checked the quality of the AMFI sweaters.

iNDiViDUALS STUDIO believes in cooperation and co-creations.

We are very interested in other parties to inspire our new narrative.

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Mauritskade 11

1091 GC Amsterdam

The Netherlands

› info@individualsatamfi.nl

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